The Nutritional value of nut bars

When you feel hungry after a tired day’s work, nut bars are a perfect snack that can give you much needed nutrition and satisfy your hunger. This is arguably the most effective “feel good” food that you don’t have to be too much concerned about.

Nutrition rich nut bars comes with various brands
Nutrition rich nut bars

The nutritional facts of nut bars (sometimes called as protein bars)

A typical nut bar in the market would typically weigh around 40 – 50g. Compared to the daily average adult diet intake of 8700 kJ, a typical nut bar can satisfy around 15% – 20% of your protein requirement. Most importantly it can satisfy around 17% – 23% of your daily dietary fiber requirement. Overall a nut bar can satisfy around 10% of your daily energy requirement. The table below describes the nutritional value of a typical nut bar.

Quantity per
% daily intake
per serving
per 100g
Energy850 – 900 kJ~ 10%~ 2200kJ
Protein8 – 10g~ 16%~ 20g
Fat, total13 – 15g~ 21%~ 36g
– saturated1.5 – 2g~ 7%~ 5g
Carbohydrate10 – 13g~ 4%~ 29g
– sugars7 – 9g~ 9%~ 20g
Dietary Fiber2.5 – 3g~ 9%~ 7g
Sodium5 – 7 mg~ 0.3%~ 15mg

The typical appearance of a nut bar
A typical nut bar

Nut bar variants

Nut bars these days come in variety of ways. There are plain nut bars that contain more than 85% of nuts and some nut bars come with a lesser percentage of nuts (typically 70% at minimum) and the rest is coated with chocolate, butter and honey. In terms of nuts, these typically contain peanuts, walnuts, almonds, rice, soy, chickpeas and green gram.

Are nut bars good for anyone?

Although it is all-natural and healthy for most, people with seed allergies and gluten allergies need to be extra cautious in consuming them. Thus, it is advisable to read the packaging before consuming any nut bars. There are gluten-free variants available in the market that can be safely consumed by people with gluten allergies.

Nut bars with full of nutritional value
Nut bars held together with honey

Ingredients of nut bars

Nut bar recipes vary from product to product. However, most of the time the ingredients include nuts (obviously!), isolated soy protein, sugar, butter, whey solids, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, tapioca starch, humectant (glycerin), salt, emulsifiers, sunflower lecithin, soy lecithin, natural flavors, cocoa butter, barley malt extract, maltodextrin, chicory root extract, vegetable oil, sorbitol and honey.

Packaging and Storage

Nut bars will typically look like the familiar Mars bar. In the supermarket, you may find them sold as boxes of 6 – 10 assorted together. Inside each package, there are nut bars packaged individually. These nut bars should be kept in a cool dry place and consume before the expiry date to experience the maximum goodness.

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