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Is cornstarch gluten free?

is cornstarch gluten free?

Is cornstarch gluten free? Yes. Although it looks similar to flour, cornstarch is actually gluten free. However, it is not as straight forward as one might think. This is because the environment of the cornstarch manufacturing companies may contain cross-contamination. As such, gluten can be present in cornstarch unless these companies place extra care in ensuring that the environment doesn’t ...

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The Nutritional value of nut bars

nutritional value of nut bars

When you feel hungry after a tired day’s work, nut bars are a perfect snack that can give you much needed nutrition and satisfy your hunger. This is arguably the most effective “feel good” food that you don’t have to be too much concerned about. Nutrition rich nut bars The nutritional facts of nut bars (sometimes called as protein bars) ...

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