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Thank you for stopping by! As the name suggests, enutritionfacts.com is primarily developed to share facts about health and nutrition that will make a difference in your life. Health is considered an illusive subject. By illusive, I meant the general the perception among people that if you want to be healthy, you either need to hit the gym, follow tough dietary programs,
consult high profile health gurus or take expensive medication.

My aim at enutritionfacts.com is to bust the myths and share simple but effective indigenous health and nutrition solutions
that you can try at home without having to spend your wallet out.

About me

I’m Tharaka Perera, a medical professional specializing in indigenous medicine, hailing from Sri Lanka. Through my experience, I have learned and practically experienced how effective and robust the nature can heal your health problems. I share this everyday with the people I meet, and now I have decided to share it with everyone out there by means of a blog.
So get on board and read on! If you need to more indepth about any topic, don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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