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How to cook Mussels?

If you ever wanted a quick, healthy, tasty and mouth-watering dish good enough for a party, mussels would be your ideal choice. Mussels come in two forms, saltwater, and freshwater. My favorite is saltwater mussels, but it’s just my personal opinion. The freshwater mussels taste good too. Mussels on display The nutritional value of mussels Mussels are full of proteins ...

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The Nutritional value of nut bars

nutritional value of nut bars

When you feel hungry after a tired day’s work, nut bars are a perfect snack that can give you much needed nutrition and satisfy your hunger. This is arguably the most effective “feel good” food that you don’t have to be too much concerned about. Nutrition rich nut bars The nutritional facts of nut bars (sometimes called as protein bars) ...

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Do married people have a lower risk of heart attacks?

A heart attack is a dangerous disease that can end your life or turn you into a patient all your life. Therefore, it is important to avoid a heart attack. You can reduce the risk of contracting this syndrome by making small adjustments in your life. This does not reduce it to 100% but reduces it considerably. People who are ...

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Mistakes in an exercise program

Many people want to reduce their weight to have a healthy life. You may also be a beginner or a person exercising in a gym. If your workout does not contain enough fat or strengthen your muscles, you need to check it again. You may not be able to get them because of many mistakes during the exercise. After correcting ...

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